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Subject: newbie help with DSSSL


I'm very new to both docbook and this mailing list. I've got a large document 
spread over multiple files using docbook. I can export it to any format I 
want (I'm using PDF's, and will probably use them exclusively).

I'd like to change several things about the page formatting. THe problem is, 
after looking at DSSSL, it seems to me that many of the tags I need are 

For example, the page numbers in the TOC are wrong.. they don't count the 
pages the title page, and table of contnets take up.. this menas that the 
page numbers in gv or kghostview don't match the page numbers in the TOC. Is 
there a way to change this? I can't see any nice tag to do it...

Also, things like changing text colours, specifying an image for the title 
page, an image for *all* the page backgrounds.... little fine tunging 

so, am I on completely the wrong track here? All the documentation provided by 
the docbook wiki (which is being attacked BTW) seems to be too complex for me 
to be able to understand it...

At the moment, I have a file called "stylesheet", and I'm converting the 
docbook file like so:

docbook2pdf -d stylesheet booc.xml

Can someone please explain this? or point out the resources I'm missing ;)



Thomi Richards,

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