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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] HTML-Transitional Forms Module Support for DocBook?


The DocBook TC has already published a customization layer for DocBook
that adds support for HTML forms. You can get it at:


The way it's intended to be used is that instead of putting the public
and system IDs for the standard DocBook DTD in your doctype declaration,
you put the IDs for the HTML forms customization layer, like this:

  <!DOCTYPE book
    PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook HTML Forms Module V1.1//EN"

"Welch, Brian" <brian.welch@lmco.com> writes:

> Hello,
> In working with the DocBook DTD, I noticed a comment about the TC
> creating or adding a forms module for the DocBook and an entity
> providing the hook for the module.
> The explicit comment from the dbpoolx.mod is as follows:
> <!-- The DocBook TC may produce an official forms module for DocBook. -->
> <!-- This PE provides the hook by which it can be inserted into the DTD. -->
> <!ENTITY % forminlines.hook "">
> I am interested in implementing the forms module within a customized
> version of the DocBook DTD.  Therefore, I am looking for guidance on
> implementing the forms module and status/schedule from the TC on Forms
> support.  
> My questions are:
> 1) Is the TC still planning on implementing the forms module?
> 2) If so, is there any preliminary schedule?
> 3) To enable forms support today, I have added the module entity definition in the dbpoolx.mod as:
> <!ENTITY % dbforms PUBLIC
> "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook HTML Forms Module V1.1//EN"
> "dbforms.dtd">
> %dbforms;
> Is this appropriate?  If not, how should I be providing support for
> Forms in anticipation of the TC release of the DocBook with forms
> support?

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