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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Palm and docbook

Dave -

I've pushed a fair amount of operations docs to my Palm Pilot. I usually
go DocBook to HTML and then pull the HTML in via Plucker. The HTML stays
on my laptop webserver and my workgroups webserver as additional sources.


Dave Pawson said:
> I've recently bought a Palm, and find the Palmreader
> docs quite readable.
>    One app I've got has poor onboard docs, so I've offered
> to re-write them in docbook....
> Has anyone tried either..
> docbook->plain text,
> docbook->Palm palm markup language..
> http://www.palmdigitalmedia.com/dropbook/pml
> roughly a mix of \tex and xml from what I gather.
> I've started (just) docbook, starting with html,
> to pml.
> Currently my main problem is giving up on links
> which are extra-book, or at least recognising them.
> E.g. the <link element in chunk-common.xsl
> I'm a bit suspicious of this as being re-processed?
> Is it, to generate <a href=   later on?
> Anyone interested in Palm output?
> regards DaveP
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