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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] newbie help with DSSSL

On Wednesday 31 March 2004 21:18, Yann Dirson wrote:
> > Where can I find this information?
> I wrote this one solely using the DSSSL draft as documentation.  In
> cas you don't have it, you can get it from
> ftp://ftp.ornl.gov/pub/sgml/WG8/DSSSL/html.zip

Ahh, I was missing that documentation, thanks. I've also now found the flow 
object class reference, which helps a bit as well ;)

I'll ahve a read through what I've got so far... the DSSSL documentation 
project was interesting as well...if a little incomplete ;)

> > ummm.. now I'm completely lost. I'm using docbook2x, and have read the
> > man page, but can't see anything about page numbers, or references...
> Do you see docbook2pdf run pdfjadetex multiple times ?  Do you see any
> message at the end of the run saying you must run pdfjadetex again ?

nope, none of the above - any ideas?

here's a sample run:
# docbook2pdf -d stylesheet Design_Docs.xml 

Using catalogs: /etc/sgml/catalog
Using stylesheet: /home/thomi/.docsdir/stylesheet
Working on: /home/thomi/.docsdir/Design_Docs.xml
jade:/usr/share/sgml/declaration/xml.dcl:31:27:W: characters in the document 
character set with numbers exceeding 65535 not supported

I'm not sure what the warning is all about, I aven't changed anythign in that 
file... and it works, so I'm not touching it ;)

> > Actually, I'm 99% sure that my markup could be XML or SGML, I'd just have
> > to change the filename.... I can't remember why I chose to use a .xml
> > extension on the files....
> Well, it's the DOCTYPE line in your file which says which one you're using
> :)

Ahh, yes.. I am using XML then.. but I could probably change... should I?


Thomi Richards,

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