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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Palm and docbook

At 03:39 31/03/2004, Paul A. Hoadley wrote:
>I am.  I've successfully used iSilo's (free) converter for HTML to
>their format.  Their reader is not free, but it's not expensive and is
>reasonably good.  The test documents I converted were not particularly
>complex (no tables, for example), but one of them was long (150+ A4
>pages as a PDF), and they contained images.  IMHO, the conversion was
>pretty good.  Very usable.

I am targetting palmreader since its a freeby with any new palm,
and possibly the most widely used?

I'd *like* to go direct from docbook to pml,
I've done about 12 files so far,
some more to go... with a good few questions coming up I'm sure!

I'll keep you posted.

regards DaveP

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