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Subject: Re: Hard-coded point size in bibliography.titlepage.recto---bug?


I noticed that too. That offsets font-size in
'bibliography.titlepage.recto.style', so I copied that part into my
stylesheet and deleted the hard-coded font-size attribute.
'titlepage.templates' is just a tempalte, so this is not necessarily a
bug (I suppose), but it would be nice if there is a param
'title.font.size' or similar.

I also noticed that DocBook XSL's bibliography output is not very
sophisticated.  It is printed as described. Getting a nice layout
requires re-defining a lot of templates.

Is there something like "bibliography style file" for DocBook XSL (as
bibTeX has .bst style files for individual journals), so that users can
just import a style file he/she likes into a customisation layer?
Yoshihiro Toda

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