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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] stylesheets for DocBook/TEI 'marriage'?

Jirka Kosek (jirka@kosek.cz) wrote:

> Due to Relax NG flexibility it will be quite easy to create customized 
> schema which combines DocBook with TEI to several degrees. IMHO this 
> won't be in the default DocBook schema.

That's not a problem.

> So if all goes well it should be sufficient to import both DocBook and 
> TEI stylesheets into customized one. 

That's great.

> Anyway it will be good XSLT excersise. :-)

I'm thinking to maybe just use DocBook/TEI stylesheets for a template written
in some (scripting) language since I do not speak XSLT.

> No. One of the Relax NG fundamentals is that it doesn't modify input 
> documents (e.g. by attribute defaulting). Relax NG "just" makes very 
> easy to customize and extend existing schemas.

It would be best to take a look on Relax NG tutorial.


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