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Subject: Table borders, page breaks, and XEP

When a table breaks across a page, XEP does not reiterate the top border
for the continued table.

This is due to a rigorous interpretation of the .conditionality component
of border-before-width.  The formal.xsl stylesheet should set:

<fo:table border-collapse="collapse"

This could be done in the table.frame named template instead.

Note that this should be border-*before*-width, not border-top, as it's
the before side that matters in a page break.

Christopher R. Maden, Principal Consultant, crism consulting
<URL: http://crism.maden.org/consulting/ >
PGP Fingerprint: BBA6 4085 DED0 E176 D6D4  5DFC AC52 F825 AFEC 58DA

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