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Subject: Double ToC

Hi the list,

With the help of all of you (Bob the first, thanks again), I have now
some beautiful documentations. :-) with an issue...

Sorry for the long post.

I made a <book> for for now only one chapter and some sect1 to sect3
inside this chapter.

    <title>Book title</title>
        <title>my chapter title</title>
            <sect 1>
                <title>my sect 1 title</title>
                    <para> text of sect1
                        <sect 2>
                            <title>Title of sect2</title>
                                <para> inside sect2</para>

When I generate a html file, using docbook-xsl 1.65.1, I have 2 Toc.

One after the <hr> separator (just behind the book title), one another
just after the chapter title. The second one doesn't have the chapter

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Qui ne rote, ni ne pète est vouer à l'explosion.
                                                   François Rabelais

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