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Subject: verbatim environment in tables

Hi all,
I would like to render a figure with some text beside it (left or right,
doe not matter). To do this I am trying something like:

<informaltable frame="none">
<tgroup cols="2">
<tbody><row valign="middle">
<programlisting width="80">
N. of compounds:  313
Probes used:      OH2, DRY, O
N. of variables:  94
statistical tool: PLS
N. of components: 2
Response type (Y):  BBB
Response values:    1 for BB+
                   -1 for BB-
                    0 for BB&plusmn;
Discrimination for external compounds:
  if BB<subscript>pred</subscript> &lt; -0.3 then BB-
  if BB<subscript>pred</subscript> &gt; 0.3  then BB+
  if -0.3 &gt; BB<subscript>pred</subscript> &lt; 0.3 then BB&plusmn;
<imagedata scale="46" fileref="images/BBB_PLSscores.png">

which is, admittedly, sort of a trick... My problem is that, while the
HTML rendering looks extacly in the way I was expecting it, the PDF one
is not good, because it is breaking the verbatim environment.
Hope this is clear, but If needed/wanted I can post screenshots of the

I am using the SGML/DSSSL tools from Fedora core 1 (openjade-1.3.2,
docbook-style-dsssl-1.78, SGML/Docbook 4.2).

Thanks in advance

Gianluca Sforna

PS. Please excuse me if I sent this twice, but I am not sure if the
first went through

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