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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Quick Q: how do I quote a line from a programinline?

Hi Michael

> If you're using DocBook v4.3,

Darn, I'm on 4.2 and my platform (Gentoo) doesn't provide that
yet (I prefer to stay with the distro's mechanisms if I can).

> ...its call signature is <code language='Python'>self, spec=None</code>

Thanks! That doesn't convey that those are parameters, though.
'methodsynopsis' looks too strict (I don't necessarily want to
name the method there). 'parameter' wraps a single parameter,
not the signature listing them all.

Maybe I shouldn't try to be more specific than 'code' for now.

>>  <literal>self</literal> is the object instance 

I also don't spot anything that conveys the distinction between
a classname and an instance of an object of that class.

Jean Jordaan

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