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Subject: docbook-xsl: localisation es.xml

IMHO "gentext" texts are always used as standalone text and not
e.g. inside a sentence. So I'm not sure how the upper- and lowercase
version of the gentext keys are used. All languages I know start with
uppercase letters for phrases used as a kind of title.

Looking e.g. at "es.xml" and the keys

<gentext key="LegalNotice" text="Aviso Legal"/>
<gentext key="legalnotice" text="aviso legal"/>

The lowercase version is used as title for a <legalnotice> but should
at least read "Aviso legal" or even "Aviso Legal".  But because this
kind of typing is used for any keys in "es.xml" I'm not sure whether I
miss something.

Could someone - maybe the person who provided the translation -
explain this in more detail?

PS: The same applies to some other languages, like "af", "da", "hu",
    and "la"
mw@miwie.in-berlin.de                              http://www.miwie.org

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