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Subject: relative graphic uri with entityref

I am using DocBook in the office where I work.

I am making a multi-platform system for distributed authoring based on 
docbook, cvs, saxon, fop, ant (It works well with linux like with Windows).

I have a problem with external resources like graphics.

I tryed to execute what I read in 
http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/GraphicsLocations.html, but the html 
output is never of the type:

<IMG  src="graphics/tutorial3.png">

but always of the absolute type like the following

<IMG  src="file:/root/.../tutorial3.png">.

I also tryed putting "static-catalog=yes" in my 
CatalogManager.properties but I did not succeed.

Is there a way to use "entityref" and obtain relative uri in html output 
or is it necessary to use "fileref" ?


Simone Pacilli

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