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Subject: Docbook2rtf


I tried to generate rtf form my xml/docbook source, For that, I use
openjade with the command line :

% openjade -t rtf -d \
/Volumes/Download/docbook-dsssl-1.78/print/docbook.dsl Installation.xml

And the result is not really... great.

I have a lot of error like : 

openjade:Installation.xml:145:52:E: element "PARA" undefined

It seems because of that : openjade:Installation.xml:2:113:E: cannot
docbook/dtd/docbookx.dtd" (No such file or directory)

But the file exist and is readable.

(I tried with file:/Application..... but the result is the same).

The accents are "strange " (ie : é for )

The page number in the ToC are all to 000

And my images are not included.

If there's any links or help...

Thanks in advance,
Je cherche du boulot. CV visible ici <http://www.foucry.net>

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