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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] docbook framework for win32 and linux


> my intesion is to setup a identical docbook framework/environment to 
> with on GNU/Linux and W2K/Win XP systems.
> Up to now I've used eDe (http://docbook.e-novative.de) on W2K and Win XP
> but I will switch to GNU/Linux at home and have to stay with W2K at 
> eDE is not available for GNU/Linux therefore I will setup my "own" 
> I've downloaded the following files:
>      605.489 docbook-dsssl-1.78.zip
>       83.865 docbook-xml-4.3.zip
>    2.452.986 docbook-xsl-1.65.1.zip
>    6.438.559 fop-0.20.5-bin.zip
>    1.568.040 openjade-1_3_1-2-bin.zip
>      321.998 slides-3.3.1.zip
>      218.409 website-2.5.0.zip
>   15.711.841 xalan-j-current-bin.zip
> for the W2K and Win XP system.

A commendable project IMHO.

I'll echo Gisbert's suggestion regarding Ant.

Have you thought about setting up the project on SourceForge? I'm sure 
there'll be plenty of others interested in how you get on and maybe even 
some offers for help...


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