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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] docbook framework for win32 and linux

martin.gautier@myrnham.co.uk wrote:
> Volker
>>my intesion is to setup a identical docbook framework/environment to 
> work
>>with on GNU/Linux and W2K/Win XP systems.
>>Up to now I've used eDe (http://docbook.e-novative.de) on W2K and Win XP
>>but I will switch to GNU/Linux at home and have to stay with W2K at 
> work.
>>eDE is not available for GNU/Linux therefore I will setup my "own" 
> framework.
>>I've downloaded the following files:
>>     605.489 docbook-dsssl-1.78.zip
>>      83.865 docbook-xml-4.3.zip
>>   2.452.986 docbook-xsl-1.65.1.zip
>>   6.438.559 fop-0.20.5-bin.zip
>>   1.568.040 openjade-1_3_1-2-bin.zip
>>     321.998 slides-3.3.1.zip
>>     218.409 website-2.5.0.zip
>>  15.711.841 xalan-j-current-bin.zip
>>for the W2K and Win XP system.
> A commendable project IMHO.
> I'll echo Gisbert's suggestion regarding Ant.
> Have you thought about setting up the project on SourceForge? I'm sure 
> there'll be plenty of others interested in how you get on and maybe even 
> some offers for help...

I'd really like to join such a project since I did something similar at 
work already (not generic enough, though).

It could start with Stefan Rinkes solution I just mentioned.

Gisbert Amm

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