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Subject: DocBook vs. LaTeX questions

Dear DocBook-users,

I'm currently working on my PhD. I writing it in LaTeX (memoir class). 
My problem up till now is that I need to use a lot of languages in the 
book that are best typeset with Unicode input, such as Hebrew, Akkadian 
and other ancient near eastern languages. Combined with this I will 
need bracketing in a Chomskian linguistic manner and probably some 
tree-structures as well.

Although I like the PDF output of LaTeX very much, I thought it might 
be worthwhile to try and set one chapter or so in docbook. I'm not 
completely ignorant of xml and other structured texts like LaTeX.

My questions are:
Is docbook useful for a PhD like the above mentioned?
Can I use Unicode withing docbook?
Installing fonts (particularly expert fonts) for use with LaTeX can be 
time-consuming; how is the font support for docbook, can any font be 
used provided the right tags are used?


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