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Subject: Standard Word 2003 template for converting Wordml -> Docbook

The motivation for this question is that archiving and processing of word
documents using xml has been increasing and quite often Docbook is a good
choice. (For example journal articles authored in word). 

It has been my experience so far that writing stylesheets to transform a
document from WordML to Docbook is fairly straightforward. However,
each organisation has their own set of styles named for their particular
operation. That means that a new stylesheet has to be written for every
organisation and while the structure is similar there is nonetheless
some duplication of effort. 

A standard word template where the styles have a determined correspondance
to a docbook element (even if not 1:1) would have the consequence that
only one stylesheet need be written, modulo customisation. It would also
save those organisations time by not having to develop their own
templates; only some data analysis would be required to ensure that their
content can be preserved in docbook. 

So does such a template exist? if not, I intend to declare one as a
starting point for such a standard. It is possible? Are there technical or
other reasons that I am missing? Do people agree on it's usefulness?



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