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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] website dtd processing on win32

Volker Bernhard Duetsch wrote:
> Gemdoc[1] and eDE[2] are worth a look but far from being "complete".
> Therefore I've registered yesterday pccdf at sourceforge
> (pccdf=Pre-Configured Crossplatform Docbook Framework).  I hope we
> can create a docbook package based on the standard tools (xalan, fop
> etc.) which is easy to setup, easy to handle and can be used in the
> same way on win32 and GNU/Linux systems.  Always looking for a
> helping hand ;)

"pccdf" sounds a bit cumbersome for me. Yet another abbreviation and 
misleading "PC" at the beginning.

What about something commemorating DocBook?

I wanted to propose "docbox" instead, but it's a registered trademark :-(

Other proposals: "docpack", "docbatch" or even "docwell" ...

I'd like to help, but currently cannot find the project "pccdf" on 

Gisbert Amm

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