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Subject: Stylesheet bug: funcprototype wrongly rendered


version 1.65.1 of the stylesheets renders funcprototypes wrongly.

The example file is:

       <refpurpose>Rückstoßgetriebene Marseroberung</refpurpose>

           <funcdef>void <function>system_starte_rakete</function></funcdef>
             <parameter>char* format</parameter>
             <parameter>long int schub</parameter>

       <title>Eine sehr lange Überschrift</title>
       <para>Hier kommt ein ganz normaler Satz.</para>

Processing this results in:


void system_starte_rakete(char* formatlong int schub);

char* formatchar* formatlong int schub long int schub ;

I think this is wrong. Isn't it?


Oliver Fischer

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