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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Line breaks in para: literallayout unsuitable

On Friday 30 July 2004 02:40, Dan Gilleland wrote:
> Hi,
> My understanding is that the idea of a "line-break" is more a
> "presentation" concern, whereas the whole purpose of DocBook is one of
> structuring a document in terms of "content". While the distinction may
> seem subtle, it is rather important.

> This should give you the "line-break" that you need. Again, however, it
> appears that your need for a "line-break" is a presentation aspect rather
> than an aspect of creating structured content.

My need for line break is not of presentation or as formatting need, but 
indeed a way to structure and logically arrange the content. Isn't line-break 
a quite well established method in writing for signaling a small change in 
context?(as opposed in large when a pragraph is used)
If that is the case, some <foo/> element would be preferred, in front of the 
more bulky literallyout, which also is error prone to its formatting in the 
source(which is the point..).

Sorry for the late reply.



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