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Subject: First Page

 Hello there,
 I'm writing my monograph (graduation work), and docbook is great!!
 I have some few question that i guess you can help me...
 - I have changed the default quadding of my paragraphs to 'justify'. It
works fine... my paragraphs have identation (five columns), but in the
"abstract" part of my monograph, i need the paragraph without identation. How
can i do that? 
 - There are comands that i can issue to change "specific" portions of my work?
  <para font="myfont" size="12pt" align="start"> Teste </para> 
 That would facilitate the job... In this moment, i know just chage that attrs
to whole document!
 ps.: the commands that i have issued above are from my head.. i know that it
does not exists. :)
 Another question about "abstract" part:
 - I do not want the title header in that section. I just want the "Abstract" word, and the text.
 - Some lines break are wrongs, some are fine! (division of syllables)
  And the last:
 - How can I customize the First Page? I'm using the dsssl stylesheets. I must
put the university name, computer science title, etc... I need some help to do
 Thanks, thanks very much!!!
 This is the link to other monographs in my university... maybe you can see
the First page to help me.
 Sorry by the english, i'm brazilian...
 Thanks again.

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