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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] First Page

I had a similar problem to write my own document. I used DocBook and had to 
work hard to make it work the way I want.

I built a dsssl file with some commands, but for this specific case (title 
pages), a possible solution is:

1. In dsssl file, put a command so DocBook will not generate title pages:
	(define %generate-book-titlepage% #f)
2. Create PDF file with docbook2pdf
3. Create the title pages with OpenOffice and export them as a PDF file
4. Use GhostScript to join the PDF files into a unique document
        gs -dBATCH  -dNOPAUSE -q -sDEVICE=pdfwrite 
-sOutputFile=<final_pdf_file> <title_page_pdf> <document_generaded_by_DocBook>

I used this solution to generate my document. If someone can do it using 
DocBook and dsssl stylesheets, I wold like to know, because it would be a 
much better solution than the one I presented. If I can build a dsssl to 
customize title pages then I can make other students use DocBook instead of 
other tools.

Anderson Pereira Ataides

Em Qua 04 Ago 2004 17:32, docbook escreveu:
>  Hello there,
>  I'm writing my monograph (graduation work), and docbook is great!!
>  I have some few question that i guess you can help me...
>  - I have changed the default quadding of my paragraphs to 'justify'. It
> works fine... my paragraphs have identation (five columns), but in the
> "abstract" part of my monograph, i need the paragraph without identation.
> How can i do that?
>  - There are comands that i can issue to change "specific" portions of my
> work? like:
>   <para font="myfont" size="12pt" align="start"> Teste </para>
>  That would facilitate the job... In this moment, i know just chage that
> attrs to whole document!
>  ps.: the commands that i have issued above are from my head.. i know that
> it does not exists. :)
>  Another question about "abstract" part:
>  - I do not want the title header in that section. I just want the
> "Abstract" word, and the text. - Some lines break are wrongs, some are
> fine! (division of syllables) And the last:
>  - How can I customize the First Page? I'm using the dsssl stylesheets. I
> must put the university name, computer science title, etc... I need some
> help to do that!
>  Thanks, thanks very much!!!
>  This is the link to other monographs in my university... maybe you can see
> the First page to help me.
>  http://inf.unisinos.br/alunos/melhores.htm
>  Sorry by the english, i'm brazilian...
>  Thanks again.

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