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Subject: JavaHelp Index & ENTITIES

I have been watching the trail about JavaHelp especially index sorting and found it very interesting.
There is however a couple of more notes on that I think, e.g.:

o Since DocBook supports three levels of index it would be nice to have that
  reflected in JavaHelp (i.e. expand- collaps-able JavaHelp view.
o If an index entry consists of more than one word I have noted that there are a number of
  blanks inserted somehow inbetween the words (E.g. Wordix1, word2ix2       word2ix2).
  Does anyone know of a way to get rid of those?
o If I use the quote-markup or xref in my document the idea is to surround these with quotation marks.
  These are generated as entities (“ and ”). The problem is that the Sun JavaHelp system
  (2.0) does not render these but outputs the actual text instead. I have tried to use different encodings
  but to no avail. Does anybody know how to get rid of these and have the result rendered nicer?
o Another problem I have found is that the generated *.xml-files have entities for "foreign" characters, e.g
  &aulm;, &aring and so on. Since I am looking at writing a (java) utility to fix collapsible indexes I have
  had some problem to get a java-parser to read these files since xml does not know these entities by itself.
  One way to fix this, I think, would be to encode the *.xml files as UTF-8 and have the characters generated
  as hex instead.  


Lars Bjerges
Team Verktyg
TTFöreningsSparbanken IT
105 34 Stockholm
11+46 (0)8 58 59 43 45
55+46 (0)70 95 27 774

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