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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Problems using PassiveTeX/JadeTeX for equations

You might want to consider MathML.  Here is the W3C path and a posting that
might be relevant:


Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Marco Stolpe" <x25ugip1@freenet.de>
To: <docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 7:07 AM
Subject: [docbook-apps] Problems using PassiveTeX/JadeTeX for equations

> Hi,
> recently I was proud that I got Saxon running to transform my DocBook
> documents into HTML and PDF. All worked so far, using DocBook-XML-4.3,
>   the 1.65.1 XSL-stylesheets and FOP (I'm working with Windows, but I
> also have Linux installed).
> Then I discovered that FOP won't translate equations very well (if at
> all?), so I tried to change my FO-processor from FOP to PassiveTeX
> (TeXLive 7 distribution).
> I soon discovered that PassiveTeX doesn't work. It is able to produce
> a title page and one blank page, but not more. (I only have one single
> chapter with one paragraph included - and some meta info for the book.
> I don't even use equations.) During processing it complains a lot
> about all sorts of fo-constructs it doesn't seem to understand. I used
> passivetex.extensions="1", but it didn't help.
> On the mailing list I read that it would only work with the 1.61.3
> XSL-stylesheets. So I tried them, but PassiveTeX produces the same
> results.
> Almost desperate, I looked at DBTeXMath and the SGML version of
> DocBook. So I installed OpenJade 1.3.2 and the DSSSL-stylesheets
> (1.78). It only seems to run with DocBook-XML 4.2 though.
> Anyhow, this solution almost works for me now, that is, I can see
> equations in my PDF and HTML output (!).
> The problem is that OpenJade still complains about the equations when
> processing the document. In the output document (PDF and HTML), a ">"
> bracket appears immediately behind all my equations.
> The exact message OpenJade produces (Windows) is:
> "procedure does not have "INLINEEQUATION" keyword argument".
> The Linux version produces (it's not the exact message, but similar):
> "inlineequation ... no open tag"
> The markup looks like the following:
> <para> ...
> <inlineequation>
>    <alt>$n^2$</alt>
>    <graphic fileref="figures/nsquare.png"/>
> </inlineequation>
> </para>
> Without the equation, everything runs fine. I also copied some
> equation-markup from the DBTeXMath sample into my document - same
> result. Also the same result when I'm processing the DBTexMath sample
> directly.
> What's wrong here?
> Do I have to use another version of the DSSSL-stylesheets perhaps?
> I really would like to use OpenJade, since it is much faster than XSL
> processing with Saxon and so far produced the best results with regard
> to equations.
> Did anyone have a comparable problem with OpenJade/DSSSL perhaps?
> With regard to future developments, does it make sense at all to go
> for the SGML version of DocBook?
> Am I right that version 4.3 of DocBook and the 1.65.1 stylesheets
> don't work together with PassiveTeX? What versions would I have to use
>   if I wanted to use PassiveTeX?
> Thanks in advance for any replies,
> Marco
> PS: At the moment I'm using DB2Latex, but I don't like it very much,
> to be honest. Moreover, it doesn't produce HTML output with equations,
> which I would like to do.

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