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Subject: Image Sizing in Printed Output (PDF)

Good morning List,

I have asked similar questions to the list before about this topic, and 
whilst I have recieved very favorable replies in the past none of them 
have fixed the issue I am having.  If anyone has any ideas then I would 
be most grateful for your input.

I create SVG charts based on data pulled from a database, in this case 
server availability.  These charts are then added to the PDF using the 
<mediaobject> tag in the docbook XML.  In addition I create an 
<informaltable> in the <figure> tag to show the raw data of the 
availablity as a percentage.  This is where I have an issue.

The graphic is successfully converted from SVG to a bitmap by FOP and 
added to the document, however the table holding the raw data does not 
start below the bottom of the graphic, instead it is placed over the top 
of it - over the x-axis label.  Obviuosly this looks untidy and is very 
difficult to read .

The XML markup I am using is at the end of the email.

I can provide a test output to anyone that needs to see what I am on 
about before making any suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


<figure><title>System Availability</title>
<imageobject role='html'>
<objectinfo><title>Avaliability of Systems</title></objectinfo>
<imagedata format='SVG' 
fileref='/working//18/avaliability_of_systems.svg' contentwidth='550' 
depth='400' align='center' />
<imageobject role='fo'>
<objectinfo><title>Avaliability of Systems</title></objectinfo>
<imagedata format='SVG' fileref='/tmp/18/avaliability_of_systems.svg' 
contentwidth='550px' depth='450px' contentdepth='450px' scalefit='1' />
<tgroup cols='10'>
....... SNIP .......

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