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Subject: Problem with article/appendix numbers in FO

Hi List,

I would like to have numbered appendices in an article, so I have 
turned this on using

   <xsl:param name="appendix.autolabel" select="1"/>

in my customization layer for FO output.

The problem is that this only affects the title in the TOC and titles 
on sections within the appendix. The appendix title itself still only 
contains the text from the <title> element.

I tried to alter the generated text using the method described in Bob 
Staytons *excellent* XSL Guide, but again: No effect.

Everyting works as expected in HTML output.

Is this a bug in the stylesheets, or am I missing something?

I use ver. 1.65.1 of the stylesheets.

Best regards,


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