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Subject: Unexpected line breaks in HTML output?

Does anyone know why a line break between would be allowed between "e" and "(" in this string below?


It ends-up looking like this:

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah resize
(newNumberRows,newNumberColumns) blah blah blah

Note that the string is enclosed in a tag, but I figure that can't be too important: <function>resize(newNumberRows,newNumberColumns)</function>.

I am a DocBook no0b so I can't really say what my "toolchain" is or which stylsheets I am using.  Whatever "xmlto html" chooses works for me so far (done under cygwin in win2k, FYI).  Is my problem a browser issue over which I have no control? (obviously it only happens when the browser is sized a certain way) After having studied the outputted HTML, that seems to be the case.  Perhaps, though, there is some trick I could use to avoid this problem?  TIA.

David de la Nuez
(914)945-1167  (tie line 862-1167)
COIN-OR www.coin-or.org

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