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docbook-apps message

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Subject: Docbook

I was attempting to install one of the DocBook packages a few hours ago
(DSSSL, from memory) and for a while couldn't find instructions on how
to do it, until I ran into the book Beyond Linux From Scratch. Since I
found myself wondering if other people have been in the same
predicament, I took the liberty of throwing together a simple Makefile
which installs the DocBook SGML files using the BLFS commands.

>From what I've been reading, this often isn't a problem because DocBook
seems to come with other applications which will install it for you, but
I know from my own experience that there are times (installing Gnome for
instance) when it's necessary to install DocBook stand-alone as a
dependency for something else. 
Anywayz, I was wondering who I'd email this to in case someone did want
to use it.

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