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Subject: Website makefiles and xml source arrangement

Hi all,

I was trying to use Website  and had a couple of problems.

Trying to build the website using makefile rules and olinks with an olink 
database I got messages  that I should set    current.docid to resolve
the olinks. 

I am just wondering if there is a way to do that automatically 
without adding it in the makefile rules?  Can it be deduced from
the document  id  of the currently processed document, or does it
do that already and I've likely screwed something up?

%.html: autolayout.xml
        $(ENV) $(PROC) --xinclude \
           --stringparam  base.dir  "../html/"  \
           --stringparam  autolayout-file "../autolayout.xml" \
           --stringparam website.database.document 
"../website.database.xml" \
           --stringparam  target.database.document  "../olinkdb.xml" \
           --stringparam  html.stylesheet  "webstyle.css"  \

If your source XML webpage documents are not all in the same 
directory but arranged in sub/sub/sub directories is there someway 
to set the paths on all the auxilliary xml files so that the %.html rule 
will access the right databse files etc for each source document? 
Apparently they are all relative to the currently processed xml document.
How do other folk make this work?

Maybe a similar problem, setting html.stylesheet, the html files seems to 
point to the stylesheet in a fixed relative directory (typically "."), 
rather than to some common global stylesheet. I am not sure if I haven't 
mucked something up. 

Obviously I could just make a document specific makefile with tailor made 
paths, but its not so elegant.

thanks for any advice


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