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Subject: bibliography questions

Hi all,

I have some questions regarding the bibliogrpahy.

1) Currently the output is arranged with the firstname
of the author (firstname, lastname). How can I change
it to lastname, firstname order in my output.

2) Currently bibliography ID or xreflabel assigend is
printed in the output. How can I turn it off?


3) If ID or xreflabel cannot be turned off, How can I
have my output with brackets on my xref to
bibliography like it used to output in citation?

My Intention and problem:
a) as suggested in "DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide",
xref to bibliography are not with bracket in PDF
output (as it should be when used citation).

b) Instead I tried to use citation and link to
bibliography (seems it works). In this case I need to
remove the ID or xreflabel tag from bibliography in
output. Just plain bibliography entries only.

Waiting for some suggestions....:-)

Thanks in advance.

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