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Subject: Re[2]: [docbook-apps] XSL Titlepage are Pagetitles?

||*()*||    [\..konnichi wa, ogenki desu ka, Bob../]

Great reference. Just what I need. =) And just like I thought.

The reason I asked because I've found "refentry.title" template in
refentry.xml which seems to be abandoned. I can't find a place where it
is called.

<xsl:template match="refentry"> calls template name="refentry.titlepage"
in titlepage.templates.xsl, which logically should call refentry.title,
but it doesn't. Why?

BS> Here is what I wrote on this subject in my book:

BS> "A "title page" may not be a separate page. The stylesheets use the term
BS> "titlepage" to mean the presentation of an element's title and info element
BS> content, such as author and copyright. The "titlepage" mechanism in the
BS> stylesheets is designed to be very general, so that it handles many
BS> different output styles. Page breaking after the title and info is just one
BS> possible feature. Sometimes it generates separate title pages, as in the FO
BS> output for a book, and sometimes it just prints the title and info elements
BS> without a page break, as in HTML output."

BS> See this reference for more details:

BS> http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/HtmlCustomEx.html#HTMLTitlePage

BS> Of course, the word "page" itself has taken on many new meanings since the
BS> days when it meant one side of a piece of paper.  8^)

                   //Old Rusty Cans Killers [ORCK]:
                   //technically yours, techtonik

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