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Subject: Table head output in FO

Hi all,

How can I control the table head's output in pdf? I would like to
have all table/thead/rows with a background-color and all
table/thead/row/entries with bold. 

In HTML this is obvious, but how about pdf (I'm using XEP)? 

In DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide it says that "Currently the row
customization only works for HTML output". Does this mean that for
now there is no solution beyond PIs?

I do not want to use processing instructions, because I may want to
change the layout later for all tables and I don't want to revisit
all tables (in addition to the problems our system has with PIs, as I
explained in a previous email).


Pirjo :-)

Pirjo Tinat
Documentation Specialist
Done Information Oy

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