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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook on OSX : XSLT & XSL FO programs

I use a combination of Gnome libxml2+libxslt and Java applications.

libxml2+libxslt does most of the work for my applications.  It is a 
very high-performance library.  I also provide a Tcl scripting language 
interface and some GUI applications to make things easier - see 
http://tclxml.sf.net, particularly the tkxmllint and tkxsltproc apps.  
Although there are only binaries for Mac OS X  and Windows, these can 
easily be built for Linux (it's so easy I haven't bothered doing it!).

While not essential, I find scripting support very helpful for 
automation.  Unless you now how to write Make files, or are comfortable 
using Ant.

For FO processing I use FOP or RenderX XEP.

Steve Ball

On 03/11/2004, at 7:11 AM, Tristan Fiedler wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am new to DocBook / XML, and wanted to get the current 
> recommendations (ease of installation, supports most features, etc. ) 
> for free software for processing DocBook into HTML & PDF using Mac OSX 
> 10.3.5.  Since the entire pipeline may migrate to a linux box 
> eventually, I am leaning toward Java app's (Saxon & FOP).
> XSLT Processors : xsltproc, Saxon, Xalan (not recommended in the 
> DocBook XSL 1.66 ReadMe)
> FO Processors : Passive Tex (recommended over FOP in the DocBook XSL 
> 1.66 ReadMe)
> If the Mac OS X users wish to contact me directly, I would be most 
> appreciative and will post a summary.
> Cheers,
> Tristan
> ------------------------------
> Tristan J. Fiedler
> Postdoctoral Fellow - Stein Lab
> Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


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