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Subject: Preventing identing of table of contents on left handside of framedoc.

I am creating a frame based document, which contains the table of 
contents on the lhs and the main document on the right handside. But 
because of space limitations on the screen I dont want the table of 
contents on the left handside to be indented. is there any way I can do 
this i couldnt find a suiatbel parameter.
I also use a stylesheet, so i thought I might be able to do something 
with that but have been unable to do so. This isnt helped by the fact 
that the output comes in one large line, is there a way to make the 
outputted html a bit more readable for debugging. I thought 
chunker.output.indent might do something but it doesnt seem to.

This is the xsl file I am running.
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform";
 <xsl:import href="./chunk.xsl"/>
 <xsl:param name="toc.section.depth">4</xsl:param> 
 <xsl:param name="generate.section.toc.level" select="1"></xsl:param>
 <xsl:param name="section.autolabel" select="1"></xsl:param>
 <xsl:param name="spacing.paras" select="'1'"></xsl:param>
 <xsl:param name="html.stylesheet" select="'style.css'"></xsl:param>
 <xsl:param name="target.window" select="'main'"/>
 <xsl:template name="user.head.content">
      <base  target="{$target.window}"/>
 <xsl:param name="chunker.output.indent" select="'yes'"/>

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