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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Apache modules for serving DocBook

On Sunday 07 November 2004 22:07, Tristan Fiedler wrote:
> I have a series of chapters (marked up with DocBook XML) stored in a
> mysql database.  I would like them to be rendered as both HTML and pdf
> through a webpage. This is creating an online book.
> What is the preferred / efficient method to automate this using apache
> ?  Do I need to run an XSLT and XSLFO each time?  I would prefer not to
> store the HTML and pdf, but create them on the fly if that is not to
> time consuming.  Most chapters are about 2500 words of text, plus
> markup, which can be up to 50% more.  Images are also present.

Serving Docbook dynamically was discussed some time ago:

If you come up with any solution -- let the list know. The best alternative is 
the one described by Bob, but it means restraining the Docbook vocabulary and 
doing heavy customizations.



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