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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Newbie trying to make htmlhelp.dsl modifications

That was very helpful. Again, I don't have the know-how to make this a
general solution, but if I put my indexterms in sects and chapters and
use parent(current-node) I get the desired result.

I have one remaining problem, and that is that I also want to have
indexterm's in term's in a variablelist. term's can have indexterm
children, but it doesn't generate an anchor in the html output. So as a
sort of separate, but related problem:

How do I set up the stylesheet to generate anchors in the html output
for term-elements?

Thank you for your invaluable help!


On Mon, 2004-11-08 at 09:54, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Thomas Søndergaard wrote:
> >   (element indexterm
> >       (make sequence
> > 	(make formatting-instruction data: "\less-than-sign;keyword")
> >
> > 	(make formatting-instruction data: (string-append " ref=\"" (href-to
> > (current-node)) "\""))
> >
> > 	(make formatting-instruction data: "\greater-than-sign;")
> >
> > 	(process-children)
> > An example of the problem I get is that for a particular section in
> > the html generated from a docbook section with an indexterm I might
> > have an anchor labeled AEN95, but the link I generate in the profile
> > uses the anchor #AEN97.
> You generate the link target using (href-to (current-node)), which 
> creates a link to the, well, current node, which is the indexterm in 
> that case.  You probably want to link to the nearest containing 
> section.  (It kind of makes sense, the section is node 95, the title 
> element is probably node 96, the indexterm is node 97.)  Instead of 
> current-node, you need to work with the ancestor or ancestor-member 
> functions or use the zone attribute throughout, whichever may be 
> appropriate for your document.

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