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Subject: Problems with glossseealso in external glossary file

Title: Problems with glossseealso in external glossary file


I create an external glossary file from a knowledge / terminology database, that serves as glossary for all created DocBooks.

The glossentries may be linked by glosssee or glossseealso, the relations are defined in the database.

When using this glossary file for DocBook transformations to HTML (using DocBook XSL 1.66), nearly everything works fine:

- Only glossterms defined in DocBooks are shown in resulting inbound glossary,
- Links from glossterms in document to glossentries are automatically created (with anchors like 'd4e385'),

but references with glossseealso cause some errors:

1) Automatically created links to other glossentries do not work, as they use the id of the target entry for name-attribute of <a>-tags, and not the cryptic 'dxxxxx'

--> Glossary:
<glossterm id="Spaghetti">Spaghetti</glossterm>
<para>italian food</para>
<glossseealso otherterm="Pizza" />

<glossterm id="Pizza">Pizza</glossterm>

--> transformed to HTML:
<dt><a name="d4e344"></a>Pizza</dt>
<dt><a name="d4e371"></a>Spaghetti</dt>
<dd><p>italian food</p>
<p>See Also <a href=""#Pizza">Pizza</a>
As you can see, links in 'See Also' do not work.
Maybe someone can tell me, what I got wrong.

2) Glossary entries are only imported from external file if they exist as glossterm element in the text. This is ok.
But their glossseealso links are also shown for glossentries, that were not included, because they didn't appear in the text.

Maybe someone knows, if it is possible
a) that links are not displayed
b) that the missing glossentries are included although not being defined as glossterms in text.

Thank you very much in advance!

Jan Müller

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