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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Preventing identing of table of contents on left handside of frame doc.

Hi Paul,

You wrote:

> Anybody able to give me a starter on this please ?
> Paul Taylor wrote:
> >I am creating a frame based document, which contains the table of 
> >contents on the lhs and the main document on the right handside. But 
> >because of space limitations on the screen I dont want the table of 
> >contents on the left handside to be indented. is there any way I can 
> >do this i couldnt find a suiatbel parameter.

There isn't a suitable parameter. But you can control it via CSS.

  1. Set a value for the html.stylesheet parameter -- the name of
     an external CSS stylsheet (e.g., "style.css")

  2. Create a new file with whatever named you've used for the
     html.stylesheet parameter and (if you're using the default
     setting for toc.list.type), put this into it:

       div.toc dd {
         margin-left: 0;

     That will cause the cause the whole TOC to be unindented.

     If you want _some_ indentation but less that what your
     browser renders by default, add this:

       div.toc dd dt {
         margin-left: 5px;

       div.toc dd dd {
         margin-left: 10px;

> >I also use a stylesheet, so i thought I might be able to do something 
> >with that but have been unable to do so. This isnt helped by the fact 
> >that the output comes in one large line, is there a way to make the 
> >outputted html a bit more readable for debugging. I thought 
> >chunker.output.indent might do something but it doesnt seem to.

Run your output through "tidy" (HTML Tidy). I do it this way:

  tidy -im *.html

Or if I have output in multiple subdirectories, this:

  find . -name "*.html" -exec tidy -im {} \;

Hope that helps.


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