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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Preventing identing of table of contents on left handside of frame doc.

Hi Paul,

You wrote:

> Thanks, this almost works the trouble is it removes indents from both 
> the left handside and right handside frames I only want to remove it 
> from the left handside.
> Is there a way of removing it only from left handside. i.e is there a 
> way of specifying a different Sylesheet for lefthandside and 
> righthandsiide ? Or could
> div.toc dd be extended to only match left hand side. I tried using 
> div.titlepage div.toc dd but it didnt match anything.

Maybe try:

  div.book div.toc dd {
    margin-left: 0;

If the root element of your document is not "book", change "book"
to whatever the root element is (e.g., "article").

I think that should have the effect of unindenting only the master
TOC (what I would guess you have in your left-hand frame), but not
changing the indenting of the TOC in any of your chunks
(right-hand side).


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