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Subject: DocBook XSL 1.67.0 released

Version 1.67.0 of the DocBook XSL stylesheets is now available for 
download from the DocBook SourceForge site:


This is a bug-fix release that contains a few new features.
Among the user-visible changes are:

  * Enabled dbfo table-width on entrytbl in FO output

  * Added support for role=strong on emphasis in FO output

  * Added new FO parameter hyphenate.verbatim that can be used to turn on
    "intelligent" wrapping of verbatim environments.

  * Replaced all <tt></tt> output with <code></code>

  * Changed admon.graphic.width template to a mode so that different
    admonitions can have different graphical widths.

  * Deprecated the HTML shade.verbatim parameter (use CSS instead)

  * Wrapped ToC refentrytitle/refname and refpurpose in span with class values.
    This makes it possible to style them using a CSS stylesheet.

  * Use strong/em instead of b/i in HTML output

  * Added support for converting Emphasis to groff italic and Emphasis role=
    'bold' to bold. Controlled by emphasis.propagates.style param, but not
    documented yet using litprog system. Will do that next (planning to add
    some other parameter-controllable options for hyphenation and handling of
    line spacing).

  * callout.graphics.number.limit.xml param: Changed the default from 10 to 15.

  * verbatim.properties: Added hyphenate=false

  * Saxon and Xalan Text.java extensions: Added support for URIResolver() on
    insertfile href's

  * Added generated RELEASE-NOTES.txt file.

  * Added INSTALL file (executable file for generating catalog.xml)

  * Removed obsolete tools directory from package

  * Added Saxon8 extensions


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