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Subject: openjade1.3.3 under Windows

Hi all,

sorry for this not being a pure DocBook related question, but I guess 
that jade is mostly used in DocBook context and therefor there has to be 
some experiences ...

Well, I used to have an openjade version 1.3.1 for windows three years 
ago (but I lost it :-( ), since then I worked with html and fo, but now 
I want to switch back to dsssl, because FOP regularly crashes with 
longer documents of mine. But where to get an actual windows binary for 
openjade 1.3.3? There is none!

OK, I'm not a C developper, but I installed VC6 on my WinXP as I had the 
courage to build it myself. But it seems, that the VC project files 
included in the openjade package are completely messed up (references to 
non exisitng files or files that can be found at a different location). 
So can someone help me: corrected project files or even a binary distro?

Many thanks,

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