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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook XSL 1.67.0 released

Elliotte Harold <elharo@metalab.unc.edu> writes:

> Michael Smith wrote:
> >  * Replaced all <tt></tt> output with <code></code>
> >
> This strikes me as wrong. While tt is deprecated, code is not the proper 
> replacement for most uses of it. Instead it should be samp or kbd 
> depending on context.

I don't think I'd call it wrong -- just not as precise as it could
be. Some people mark up stuff in DocBook with "literal" when it'd
be more precise to use "userinput" or "computeroutput"

And are you saying that "code" should be used at all? That any
instance of code should be samp or kbd instead? It seems to me
that there are only a couple of cases where kbd and samp might be

Anyway, I was the one who made that change and at time time, I
actually we should be using samp or kbd in some instances.

The reason I didn't use samp or kbd is that the templates that
insert the HTML markup in these cases are named templates
(inline.monoseq, inline.boldmonoseq, inline.italicmonoseq,
format.sgmltag) that are called by the various element templates.

So we would need to add some conditional logic to those named
templates to use code, samp, or kbd depending on the name of the
DocBook element. It didn't seem to me at the time like it was
worth the trouble, but I guess I can do t for the next release.

Here is the list of elements and the mappings that seem right to
me. Please let me know if it looks correct to you or what you
think should be changed.

  classname              code
  code                   code
  command                strong+code
  computeroutput         samp
  constant               code
  email                  code
  envar                  code
  exceptionname          code
  filename               code
  function               code
  interfacename          code
  literal                code
  methodname             code
  option                 kbd
  parameter              em+code
  prompt                 samp
  replaceable            em+kbd
  sgmltag                code
  structfield            code
  sytemitem              code
  uri                    code
  userinput              strong+kbd
  varname                code


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