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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] INSTALLER-DocBook 1.67 XSL Stylesheets

The file is actually just called INSTALL, not INSTALLER, and no,
it's not necessarty to run it -- especially if you're calling a
docbook-xsl driver file directly (as in your examples below)
instead of using a customization layer.

The only think the INSTALL file does it to create a XML catalog
file for you. And that XML catalog file is only useful if you are
calling a docbook-xsl driver file using the canonical URI instead
of a local system path.

For example, in the customization layers that I write and use, I
always have something like this:

  <xsl:import href="http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/xhtml/chunk.xsl"/>

And the catalog.xml file that the INSTALL script creates might
have something like this:


So that tells my XSLT engine, If you find a URI starting with
http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/, rewrite it to

So instead of trying to grab the stylesheet driver and stylesheets
via HTTP, my XSLT engine gets it from /sandbox/xsl/xhtml/chunk.xsl
and goes from there.

Then, if I change my mind and want to have my XSLT engine use a
different set of docbook-xsl stylesheets (say, some older, more
stable version), then I just point the XSLT engine at at different
catalog file -- maybe one that has this:


That way, I never need to change the value of the xsl:import in my
customization layers.

Tristan Fiedler <fiedler@cshl.edu> writes:

> I noticed that the XSL 1.67 stylesheet tar.gz file contains an 
> INSTALLER.  I did not see a similar INSTALLER in version 1.66.1.  Is it 
> necessary to run the INSTALLER if I access the stylesheets as follows ?
> java org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -xml Test.xml  -xsl 
> ‾/software/docbook-xsl-1.66.1/fo/docbook.xsl -pdf Test.pdf
> java com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet -o test.html test.xml 
> ‾/software/docbook-xsl-1.66.1/html/docbook.xsl use.extensions=1
> Cheers,
> Tristan


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