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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook XSL 1.67.0 released

Michael Smith wrote:
> Here is the list of elements and the mappings that seem right to
> me. Please let me know if it looks correct to you or what you
> think should be changed.

For everyone's entertainment, here is what the DSSSL stylesheets do, 
which is sort of the combined creation of Adam Di Carlo and myself.

>   classname              code

>   code                   code

>   command                strong+code
b  --> probably good to change to strong+code

>   computeroutput         samp

>   constant               code

>   email                  code
nothing  --> I often feel that something monospaced would be better.

>   envar                  code

>   exceptionname          code

>   filename               code
tt (with an "unsure" comment)  --> probably change to code

>   function               code

>   interfacename          code

>   literal                code
tt  --> I feel that this is the better choice, both literal and tt being 
the "monospaced, but no semantic" element in their respective 

>   methodname             code

>   option                 kbd
code  --> It's not entered by a keyboard anymore than other "code".

>   parameter              em+code
code  --> em might be fine as well

>   prompt                 samp

>   replaceable            em+kbd
tt+i  --> I like em+kbd as well.

>   sgmltag                code

>   structfield            code

>   sytemitem              code
nothing  --> ambiguous, should look at class

>   uri                    code

>   userinput              strong+kbd
kbd  --> ?

>   varname                code

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