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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: DocBook XSL 1.67.0 released

Michael Smith wrote:

> I think some users might not be as happy with it, because then
> they would be forced to style it via CSS, while now, with 
> <code class="filename">, they get a default rendering for it that
> most would find reasonable, I think.
> I know "code" is not the best name for marking up a filename. But
> there's nothing else close in the set of "phrase elements" that
> HTML provides. And going back to using presentational markup like
> "tt" seems much more wrong to me.

I don't see anything bad on usage of <tt> (and even <b> and <i>). 
DocBook stylesheets uses (X)HTML as an output format used for rendering 
in browser. DocBook has much more rich semantic then HTML so going from 
DocBook to HTML is down-conversion and semantic is lost. I percieve 
these <tt> vs. <code> vs. <xxx> and <b> vs. <strong> debates as 
academical mental excercises. AFAIK there is no widely deployed and used 
tool that can benefit from small amount of semantic that is gained from 
<b> => <strong> shift. HTML is nowadays used as a solely rendering 
language. If you want process semantic you will use original DocBook 
source (or RDF, XTM, ...), not converted HTML.

Of course situation is different if you use (X)HTML as your primary 
authoring format, then there is an advantage of using more semantically 
oriented elements. But we DocBookers know that there is so little 
semantic in HTML that we use DocBook. ;)


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