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Subject: Re[2]: [docbook-apps] DocBook XSL 1.67.0 released

||*()*||    [\..konnichi wa, ogenki desu ka, Elliotte../]

>> The var element is not a monospaced style. It's typically
>> rendered in italic (non-monospaced). Which makes it inappropriate
>> for marking up programming variables or program arguments.

EH> The var element is not a style element, period. The problem is that 
EH> you're using semantic elements (var, code, strong, em) as style 
EH> elements. That's just as wrong as using b and i. In fact, it's more 
EH> wrong because at least b and i aren't actively misleading.

I think var looks pretty.  =) At least I more like default DSSSL output
than default XSL. But I'm disagree with your point of view - HTML
doesn't have semantic elements. All so-called "semantic" in HTML is
just a hint to tell what some element should differ from other <b><i>
and such. Way to have some "layers" in document presentation and
quickly pick them with a simple    code {font-weight:bold}    stylesheet.

EH> If the goal is to avoid presentation based markup, then the HTML element 
EH> names should be picked based on the appropriate semantic match. When 
EH> there is no such match, use <span class="whatever"> and add styling via 

The goal is to make styling intuitive and easy.
<code class="whatever"> is more clear than generic <span class="whatever">.
<span class="methodsynopsis"> can have some science thesis contained
(suppose I don't know about DocBook since we speak about HTML), but if
it is <code> tag when I will think about some program method and will
not try to render it like a quote with my CSS.
                   //Old Rusty Cans Killers [ORCK]:
                   //technically yours, techtonik

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