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Subject: Figure Reference in Text

Hi All,

What is the 'proper' way to mark up the figure reference ('Figure 1' 
below) and the caption text which occurs in the text?

I simply inserted a <para> child into <caption> to house the text.  The 
<link> functions correctly in both HTML and PDF output.

One other question is how can I color the link in the PDF output? 
Currently it is rendered in the same black color.

For example,

---------------------  Begin sample  ------------------------------

  This is the first sentence.  This is the second sentence, so now 
please look at <link linkend='fig 1'>Figure 1</link>.  This graphic is 
a pretty picture of a circle. Many more sentences follow

                 <mediaobject id='fig 1'>
                                  Figure 1. A circle which is used 
purely as example

This is the next sentence. And so on and so on.

---------------------  End sample  ------------------------------


Tristan J. Fiedler
Postdoctoral Fellow - Stein Lab
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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