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Subject: Question on two Docbook/CSS-related tools

Hi All,
I came across an interesting product while I was browsing the W3C site, a formatter called "Prince 4.0" from http://yeslogic.com/ .
Their formatter converts XML + CSS to PDF or Postscript, and has style sheets for  XHTML and Docbook.  In their release notes, they also claim support for CSS3 Paged Media extensions like "PageBox" which has formatting capabilities comparable to XSL-FO.
Before I set aside some time to eval it, has anybody heard of this product or used it?  It would be very handy for me to use only CSS for web and print media in my Docbook documents, rather than XSL-FO. 
I also saw an interesting project on Sourceforge mentioned on the W3C CSS page, http://css2xslfo.sourceforge.net/, which reportedly converts CSS to XSL-FO, although I haven't been able to access that site today.  Has anybody tried this tool?
Ed Bishop 

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