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Subject: admon.graphic.width


Is the admon.graphic.width template meant to be configurable as a parameter to 
someone creating a DocBook XSL customization layer? 

I see that it appears in ~/html/admon.xsl and in ~/fo/admon.xsl, but I don't 
see an entry for admon.graphic.width in the HTML Parameter Reference or FO 
Parameter Reference documentation (~/fo/param.xml and ~/html/param.xml). 
Maybe it's not meant to be documented or exposed as a parameter. That is what 
I expect, but I'm checking anyway. The DocBook XSL 1.67.0 release notes 
contained mention of it and I'm updating DocBook XSL Configurator to include 
the changes. 

Also, is the DocBook XSL distribution still released with version numbers of 
major.minor.0 indicating that the release is for testing (zero=testing), and 
major.minor.x indicating a bug fix release? Maybe I'm imagining that.


Steve Whitlatch  

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